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Explore Lancaster

Explore Lancaster with Andy Esbenshade! You won’t want to miss this impressive virtual tour of Lancaster, where Andy guides you through this a few of his favorite and notable sites. To start, Andy showcases Lancaster’s downtown arena: Penn Square. Home to Central Market, the Marriot Convention Center and Hotel, and a host of bars, restaurants, and shops, this thriving city center welcomes residents and tourists to its charm each day.

Next, Andy guides us through one of Lancaster’s suburban neighborhoods, located just outside the city.¬†Finally, Andy ends his tour giving us a glimpse of the nearby country landscape. With farmland just ten minutes away from any direction of the city’s downtown center, Lancaster remains a unique county. Supported by the local agriculture and fueled by the thriving arts and culture of the city, Lancaster continues¬†to emerge as one of the nation’s most exciting small cities to call home.