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There’s still a few months before the weather will be on the full upswing that allows for outdoor playdates, so if you have little ones, cabin fever may be hitting you pretty hard right about now. However, the City of Lancaster offers lots of venues and activities at reasonable prices for you and your children to get out of the house and release some creative energy, even when it’s blustery outside.

Children’s Science Museums: The City of Lancaster is brimming with interactive museums that will let children engage their tactile sense and explore the fun of physical science. Establishments like The North Museum and The Lancaster Science Factory are brimming with tactile exhibits and well-trained helpers to teach the children the science behind all the fun.

The Public Library: The Libraries in Lancaster County are always putting on daytime events aimed at young children, from reading hours to physical science activities to crafts, the public library seems to always have children in mind when planning upcoming events.

Go ‘N Bananas: An indoor gymnasium designed for young children, Go N Bananas has a wide range of ways to burn energy, from laser tag to trampolines to arcade games. This family fun center may be just the thing to help your children burn some energy if they’ve been cooped up inside for too long.

Family Yoga: Sometimes you need to leave the house to burn off energy, and sometimes you need to relax. Taking a yoga class with your child will help you both practice more mindful living, moving, breathing, and behaving. Children who study yoga demonstrate better control of their bodies and more attentive behavior throughout their lives. Studios like West End Yoga offer courses that walk children and their parents through yoga exercises together.

Make market runs a game of Eye Spy: To spice up your regular trips to the market or making general grocery runs, make them into games! Classic games like Eye-spy and bingo will make sure your toddler is engaged in the trip at hand and focused on the surroundings.
Visit Shut-ins: Elderly shut-ins love taking visitors, especially those who are young and full of smiles and energy. Volunteering at Lancaster Meals on Wheels will give you and your little one the opportunity to give back to the community and get out of the house for a few hours per day to deliver meals and fellowship with Lancaster’s weathered citizens.