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If your house is on the market, chances are you’ve taken the time to freshen up your home. Maybe you’ve repainted a few rooms or upgraded the appliances in the kitchen. You might have even hired a professional to stage your home. While all of these strategies can help you sell your house quickly, there’s one area of your house that you must not overlook.

A Buyer’s First Impression

The first thing a prospective buyer will see is the outside of your home. Do not underestimate this moment–this impression has the ability to make or break a buyer’s perspective of your house. If you’re serious about selling your home for the maximum potential, addressing and updating your property’s curb appeal should be high on your list.

A well-maintained curb will welcome buyers into your home and set the tone for a positive experience. The best part about this process is that many of these changes can be done affordably and quickly!

The Basics

Before we dive into a few larger projects, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the basics covered. These include:

  • Power washing the front of your house
  • Cleaning all areas
  • Weeding and trimming all landscaped areas
  • Painting or staining any surface that could use a touch-up

For those who are able to put in a little extra time and money, the following ideas will make a significant impact when it comes to wooing the buyers.

Replace your Front Door

Welcome the future buyer into your house by installing a newer door. Choose one with upgraded features like a solid lock and a sturdy yet elegant handle. While you’re improving this area, why not buy and add decorative numbers, like the image below.

Activate your Green Thumb

Plants and beautiful landscaping can go a long way, especially in the warmer months. Spring can be an ideal time to sell your house and you should capitalize on the availability of blooming fauna. Check out a few guides on the web to get an idea of what projects would look best outside. If planting is out of your wheelhouse, you should consider hiring a landscaper. A weekend of work could equal a higher selling point for you. Reports show that excellent landscaping can double in your original investment. Keep this mind when updating.

Build a Window box (or Two)

While you’re busy planting bushes and petunia’s, why not install a few window boxes? This charming feature is an easy project that can be completed in a day. Your local hardware store should sell a few options. What flowers work best? Opt for patients or geraniums. Both varieties do well in shady or covered areas.

With the right projects, you can sell your house faster and maximize the property’s resale potential. But no matter how many projects you tackle, curb appeal should high on your list!

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