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Now that school is back in session, students of all ages are lumbering home with countless books in tow and hours of homework awaiting them. Naturally, your child will need a quiet space to hunker down and delve into their textbooks not only to turn in completed homework assignments, but to learn the material for their lives. If the kitchen is too loud and study hall at school is too short, you need to carve out some space in your house and prepare it exclusively for scholarly pursuits. Here are some ways you can make a room or nook conducive to learning.

Lots of Light |┬áIt’s important that your students have ample light to make their learning as physically and emotionally painless as possible. Straining in poorly lit areas can cause discomfort on the eyes and make finishing homework a real chore and bring on sleepiness well before all the to-dos are done. Additionally, once wintertime rolls around, lots of light will help ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the bouts of melancholia brought on by the prolonged darkness of winter. As much as you can in your child’s study room, make sure there are ample windows and light sources to make focusing as easy as possible.

Comfortable Furniture | If your child spends all their time fidgeting or trying to get comfy in their chairs, they won’t have the cognitive capacity leftover to get their homework done to the best of their abilities. You and your child can go shopping for the desks and chairs so that you don’t pick up something that turns out to be more distracting than helpful.

Shelves | For both practical and aesthetic purposes, it’s critical that you have adequate shelving space in your child’s study area. As the Andy Esbenshade Team has written about before, you can easily upcycle antique furniture or rescue shelving from a local second-hand store. Then, you have a fun weekend of sanding and painting the items to match the vibe of the study room to your child’s content.

Wall Space | Don’t leave the walls blank, or else your child will feel like studying is a punishment. You can easily hang dry-erase boards, cork boards, Christmas lights, and wall calendars to keep track of important papers and dates for school. You and your child can also pick out some posters, frames, and bric-a-brac to personalize the study room.