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It’s the spookiest time of year! Throughout Lancaster and the US at large, eager enthusiasts have hung big cloth ghosts, carved pumpkins, carefully assembled costumes, and orchestrated detailed pranks to scare trick-or-treaters. Realtors can catch the Halloween fever, too, and there’s no need to suppress it! There are lots of ways to incorporate the witching season as you stage and sell homes to potential families! Here are some ways your can harness Halloween for home sales.

Open the home to Trick or Treaters: Whether the family selling the home still lives there or not, don’t pass up the opportunity for organic foot traffic to the house! While handing candy to kids in costumes may seem pointless, these kids are often accompanied by parents who may know friends or colleagues who are interested in purchasing a home. Prior to halloween, attach small postcard or business card sized flyers about the home specs to the candies you intend to hand out. That way, the basics of the info make it into lots of homes!

Sell the Neighborhood to families: Many parents associate Halloween with block parties and neighborhood camaraderie, so make sure you highlight the neighborhood itself as you draft the elevator pitch of the house. The Andy Esbenshade Team has talked before about selling an experience rather than a house, and Halloween is the perfect time to do that. Point out the decorations of the neighbors, the safety of the streets at night, and the various events that will be taking place throughout the fall.

Stage for Fall Parties: For adults, fall time is prime party and get-together time with friends and family. From pumpkin carving parties to movie nights, fall is time for fraternizing and fellowshipping in the cool weather. You can stage the home to demonstrate how conducive the home is to hosting parties and hanging decorations that reflect the season. Pumpkins, apples, wreaths, pinecones, cinnamon, and fresh pies will set the mood for sure!

Get your whole office spookin! In addition to simply selling houses, you can use Halloween to boost office morale and have fun on your social media profiles! For realtors especially, your social media should sell you as a reliable, trustworthy person, not just the houses on the market. As your office’s culture permits, ask your coworkers and employees to dress up in costume on one particular day and show your followers just how haunting you all really are!