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If you plan on selling a home in 2018, you need to know what potential buyers want to see when they browse pictures online or stop in for a visit during a showing or an open house. Now that millennials are looking for starter homes, today’s families are notably smaller, and internet connectivity is a make-or-break, it’s important to be on top of what today’s homebuyers will want to see. Here are a few of the big ones:

Flowers, Plants, and Natural Materials: for many, a house isn’t a way to separate oneself from nature but a way to be one with it. Experts predict that home decor trends that celebrate the natural flora and fauna of the environment will reach to new levels. From abundant potted plants to rough stone to seashells to other items harvested fresh from mother earth, adding touches of nature and greenery to a home will entice buyers to not only look around the home longer, but also consider the rest of the neighborhood, which itself can be a huge selling point.

Deep Ruby Red: Making a huge splash on runways this past year, garnet and ruby red colors are sure to become staples in homes in 2018. Pops of color, also called accent colors, have been a popular trend, but the color of the pop varies as designers and the public alike shift their preferences. Deep reds add an air of decadence paired with warmth, much like poinsettias do around the holidays. You can integrate this color by means of wall paint or with accessories like lamps, vases, or chairs.

Integrated Smart Technology: As fun of a cartoon as The Jetsons was, it’s portrayal of technology as semi-intrusive and not aesthetically pleasing hasn’t come to fruition. Today’s homes are usually equipped with some smart technology like a home security system, perhaps some speakers, and wireless internet. The more seamless and intuitive the integrated technology is, the better. Smart refrigerators, for example, are starting to gain ground, as are home assistants such as Amazon’s Echo.

Not all-white: As much fun as they are to scroll through on Instagram and Pinterest, homes that are completely marble and stark operation-room white are impractical, expensive, and a major turnoff to price conscious young couples who are considering starting a family soon. It’s not hard to maintain a sleek and clean aesthetic without the harsh monochromatic palette, though; earth tones such as sandy-beiges, browns, navies, dark greens, or other very natural colors are inherently more family-friendly and warm to prospective buyers.