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When it comes time to put your house on the market, you may feel like a tiny fish in a huge pond of other people selling houses in your area to a small group of buyers. In addition to the upgrades, tireless cleaning, and “For Sale” sign on the front lawn, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the rest of the crowd, and harnessing the powers of the Like and the Share could be the edge you need. Here’s some tips for how to attract attention to your home listing.

Everyone loves looking at pictures. As you start to market your home, take any camera and start to take pictures of all the rooms in your home, all clean and spruced up. Look to pinterest boards and tumblr blogs for inspiration on how to make a room look appealing, from the camera angle to the props to the “focal point” of the image. Simple editing software like fotor will also step up the aesthetics if the sun isn’t cooperating on a particular day.

Speaking of Pinterest, don’t limit yourself only to Facebook to publicize your listing. Although Facebook is still the #1 social media network in both the US and the world, other networks have significant and niche followings that you can utilize. Pinterest, for example, appeals to homemakers and DIY-ers, and the site recently launched a Buy Now button, which can direct potential buyers to your house’s online listing. The same goes for Instagram, which also recently launched a Buy Now button.

As great as pictures are, we love videos and gifs more — they’re mesmerizing. Take your smartphone or camera and do some walking tours of your house. You can narrate the features of each room and elaborate on the personal touches and improvements you’ve done to the edifice. Gifs, or graphics interchange format, allow a group of pictures to play on loop infinitely, like a flip book. Online programs make gif creation pretty simple, though a little tedious, and their shareability on sites like twitter and medium is high.

More than anything, we like authenticity. If you have to choose between spending hundreds of dollars on professional-grade camerawork and a simple, personal video on your phone, go with the second. Podcasters have long regaled the power of a personal story or a narrative to drawing in viewers and keeping them hooked on hearing a tale to the end. Especially with new features like Periscope and Facebook Live that allow you to broadcast your video in real-time, viewers are looking for a story that compels them to stay tuned. As you tour your house, talk about memories related to the perks of the structure. For example, if you want to highlight the quality of a stair banister, you could talk about how all your daughter’s friends came over to pose for prom pictures on the stairs.

Ask your friends, family, and social media connections to help you spread the word. The whole point of social media is to facilitate the easy creation and distribution of media. As you advertise your house, personally message or email those in your inner circle and ask them to share your photos, videos, and websites to their own pages to reach new viewers and circles.

Tap into your realtor’s network, too. If you list with a realtor, imaginably your realtor will have a decent following of social media users looking for homes to purchase. As you curate content to help publicize your house, hand it off to your agent as well to circulate among his or her network.