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According to recent statistics, starter homes are the highest in demand among homes for sale, and young adults are the premier buyers. Thus, if you’re looking to sell a home to a young couple or anyone 35 and under, you need to know what that generation of buyers values in a home and ensure that you highlight these features when you prepare to market and advertise it. While some traditional methods will work, you need to adapt to the needs of the next era of homeowners and their top priorities. Below are some ways you can ensure that your home appeals to the likes of young buyers.

Don’t be afraid of social media. Young people spend a lot more time connected to an insundry of social media platforms day in and day out, so if you need to get their attention, market your home on some social media outlets and ask your close friends and family to help you. The Andy Esbenshade Team has already written about this in depth, but it bears repeating since more and more transactions and research take place on social media per day.

Mind your online reputation. Naturally, as soon as they’re interested in a house, young people are going to google both it and you to learn more about the sellers and the history of the house. If a crime occurred nearby or you know that you may have a google result that could deter someone from pursuing the sale, spend some time working to clean up that first page of google and personally control the online reputation of yourself and the house.

Young people want to buy a community. Marketers have realized that whereas baby boomers tend to spend more on things, millennials spend more on experiences, and the same goes with houses. For such an incredibly important purchase, prospective millennial homeowners want know about the experiences the house will provide. Are the neighbors friendly? Are their regular festivities? All this information will heavily impact millennials’ decision to move.

Let in the light! Young people are more conscious of their space and its interaction with its surroundings. Whereas houses in the 1970s featured a lot of small rooms, young people are looking for lots of lighting and open spaces. As your budget allows, make sure that you can demonstrate how the space allows for mingling. Clean all your windows and opt for pastels and bright colors for room decor. And make sure those windows sparkle!

Cookies are good, but wifi is better. For open houses and showings, you’ll want to make sure your guests have access to the wifi. Not only is it handy for not using up data, but if visitors have questions about the area, cost of living, or anything related to the house, you want them to be able to find answers. Allowing your guests to access your internet will help facilitate their learning process and keep them in the house longer.

Be open and transparent. Above all else, millennials value honesty. Don’t try to give them the old razzle dazzle them or “spin” information. Shoot straight with them and earn their trust.