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When most people think about social media for business, they immediately think about facebook, twitter, and returns on investment. Especially for professionals who didn’t grow up on the internet like today’s young adults, the instinct for the web is either to eschew it totally or to hire a college intern to handle it for you. Social media, especially the platforms designed almost exclusively for mobile devices like phones and tablets, offer professionals more direct access to younger audiences. The currency of social media is authentic content, and on apps like Snap and Instagram, professionals have the opportunity to interact directly with their client base more personally. Here are some of the ways you can harness the utility of Snap and Instagram for your real estate business.

Stories | Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook now, too, allow users to post to a “story,” or a collection of photos and videos that last for only 24 hours. The idea is for your “story” to show the highlights of your day. Much like real-life events only last for a short period of time, stories are meant to reflect the way we experience events. For real estate agents, stories are perfect for showing when houses go onto the market, building up excitement for an open house, congratulating new homeowners, or just showing what you do all day in the office.

Live Streaming | Many platforms now offer a way for users to take a video that gets sent to their followers in real time, much like a TV show or a football game. Celebrities have used this function to show the behind the scenes of a music video, and concertgoers often live stream a show to their friends and family who couldn’t make it. Real estate agents have a phenomenal opportunity to host “virtual open houses” so that potential clients who can’t make it physically can still attend virtually. Many real estate agents have given tours of homes and answered questions live from viewers about the specs of the home. Studies have demonstrated that retail has suffered as a result of reduced foot traffic, but that doesn’t have to be a concern for you if you take the open house to them.

Personalized Photos | Advertisements are simply a part of the digital landscape for today’s internet users — whereas they were once considered intrusive, they’re now par for the course and deeply ingrained into the online experience. If you want to stand apart from the run-of-the-mill ads, don’t be an ad! Be a person with an interesting life and story worth following. Post about your day to day routine in a compelling way. Have fun with snap filters. You and your business can overlap on social media since a huge part of the real estate experience is the trust, credibility, and relatability of the agent.