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Summer is right around the corner, with Memorial Day just a few short weeks away and the end of school shortly thereafter. If you’re showing a home this summer, the market can be tricky when it’s hot out. There are some ways you can not only counteract the heat, but use it to your advantage. Here are the Andy Esbenshade Team’s key tricks to showing a house in sweltering heat. 

Air Conditioning: Put those coolers on full blast to make sure your guests are comfortable while they’re looking through you house. You’ll also want to make sure your ceiling fans are on a decent speed to force cool air down. This hack only works if your vents and fan blades are clean, though, so make sure you’ve thoroughly dusted and sanitized.

Highlight the Cooling: The same way you would point out the excellent insulation if you were showing your house in the dead of winter, point out to your guests how your house is equipped to handle heat. This could include insulation, air movement, where the sun is in relation to the windows, and other aspects of the construction that will help keep it cool even when it’s hot out.

Fragrance: If your home is at all musty or has latent hints of dog fur in the air, any amount of humidity will amplify it and potentially overwhelm your guests. You need to ensure that the aroma that the humidity broadcasts is fragrant, not dank. Deep clean your carpets and couches to get out any hair and dust. Purchase flowers, candles, or air fresheners to ensure the proper olfactory ambiance.

Cool drinks: Rather than offering your guests warm cookies and coffee, opt for more summery treats like lemonade, fresh fruit, or even popsicles. Not only will your guests be nice and cool, but they’ll have a unique memory of your home when they consider where they want to live.

Decorate with cool colors: Teals, pale yellows, sage greens, and other colors that are cool and soft will help guests feel less hot, even if the temperature hasn’t changed that much. Opt for decor that’s more pale and subdued to make the area feel cooler. There are lots of websites that will help you pick the proper color scheme for the temperature and season.

Mind your Curb Appeal: It’s really easy to get behind on your grass and gardens when it’s miserably hot out, but an unkempt lawn with dead patches and weeds can put you significantly behind the competition in summer especially. Spruce up your lawn, front porch, and patio so that potential buyers can visualize time spent outdoors when they tour your home.