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You’ve made the decision to sell your home. Now what? The first step in the home-selling process is to enlist the help of a professional to guide you along the way. A professional realtor will be able to help you manage the process–from listing to staging. And when working with a local leader like Andy Esbenshade and his team, you’re guaranteed to find the experience informative and

What’s next? Read on for a few of the Esbenshade team’s tips on how to stage your home to bring back the most value!

Take Your Time

If possible, plan ahead so you can be prepared to win big. What do I mean? By anticipating a move months or even a year out, you can begin to make plans to improve your property and your home. At the very minimum, you’ll want to deep clean the entirety of your space. If possible, consider making upgrades. Adding new appliances to the kitchen or repainting the walls can go a long way in terms of re-sale. Don’t forget the outside of your house! Curb appeal is the first thing a prospective buyer will notice.

Stage The Right Way!

There are few things more important than staging your home effectively. Think of this step as a way to elevate your space and make it appear ultra-inviting. To start, play up your home’s greatest assets. Perhaps you live on West Chestnut street and your home features beautiful hardwood floors. Take the time to make the wood gleam like new! Alternatively, if your space features an open layout, do your best to remove all of the clutter and unnecessary furnishings


Go Shopping!

Staging your home the right way may have you shopping for new items. Wait a minute–you’re moving out of your home and into a new space. Why would you buy objects for the old house? The answer is simple: resale potential. The amount of effort you put into staging your home can make or break the market for you. You’ll want to have the home that buyers are feuding over.

Examples of new features include: warm lighting, plants, artwork, candles, a vase of fresh flowers, airy curtains. Tell the story of your home. Tell the story that will make buyers want to move in that day!


While buying new items for your house may seem strange, consider that you’ll be able to take these new furnishings with you! Buy with purpose and strive to find decor that will blend with your new space!

Selling your home can be a stressful process but only if you allow the experience to dictate your potential stress. Reach out to the team today to begin the process. With seven generations of trust, we’re committed to helping you in all stages of your home-buying and selling needs.