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Summer is quickly approaching, meaning that college students, high school students, and young adults alike will be on the prowl for ways to make money off the swell in tourists and kids who need supervision during the day. Especially in Lancaster, tourists flock from far and wide to enjoy the solitude of the countryside and the “little Brooklyn” feel of downtown Lancaster City. Summertime is a great time to hustle for some extra money since the days are longer. Below are some ideas for how to make a little pizza money in Lancaster, PA.

Cafes and Restaurants: Downtown Lancaster is bursting with little restaurants, bars, and cafes that attract visitors and townies alike. You can easily start there to see if these places will need some extra hands during the summer rush. Usually, these types of establishments are flexible and will allow you to interact with the community, so if you’re an energetic extrovert, this could be perfect.

Start a Blog: This might not yield money immediately, but if you execute it well, it could be huge. Blogging about life in Lancaster, food in the city, must-see sites, or anything could result in getting picked up to do a column in the newspaper or being asked to “advertise” certain stops in the city. For instance, if you blog about local event venues, such venues might ask you to feature them for publicity.

Personal Tour Guide: Various apps and websites designed for the gig economy allow regular citizens to market themselves as “tour guides” of wherever they live. Since you’ll likely know some dive bars and events that won’t show up in most informational pamphlets, young tourists especially will be happy to pay for a genuine experience in their destination, and Lancaster is no exception. Study up on some Lancaster history and market yourself as a personal guide for some fun cash on the side.

Personal Tutoring: One step up from babysitting, private tutoring is for shorter periods of time and for much more money. Lancaster especially has a lot of college-bound high school students who will need some extra help over the summer to prepare for standardized tests, draft entrance essays, and just stay on top of their studies so that they don’t forget all the work from the last nine months.  If you’re bookish and good with teenagers, market yourself to parents for a stress-free side hustle.

Thrift and Upcycle: Lancaster county at large has countless craft shows, thrift shops, flea markets, farmers markets, and other venues for locals to sell their art and crafts. If you find yourself with extra time this summer, you can harness your craftiness into a side-hustle easily if you know where to look. Even if the physical stands don’t yield a ton of money, you can sell your crafts online on the likes of Etsy for a significant return on investment.