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It’s no surprise that real estate agents know what makes a house ideal or valuable; they sell houses for a living! Realtors are the experts in this field and they know what to look for in their personal homes. Here are some must-haves realtors name when discussing what they love about different homes. While personal preferences play a major role in what realtors look for in a home, all of these features are definitely valuable and have their perks.

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Extra Space

This point is a big one when it comes to settling down in a permanent home. Even if you’re single, you don’t know what the future holds, so it’s important to allow for new possibilities. A home with an extra bedroom would be ideal, because you can use it as an office or guest bedroom and then be prepared if you get married and start a family. Having enough space for your family to each have their own space is also vital; it makes for less stressful familial relations. Even for couples, having separate closets and his-and-hers bathrooms off of the master suite can reduce unnecessary stress in a relationship.

Fixer-Uppers are Your Friend

It’s important to purchase a home that’s been maintained and cared for, so you don’t find out about massive issues that need to be fixed after purchasing the home, but it’s also advisable to buy a home that’s somewhat of a fixer-upper. By making a few simple renovations, a home’s value can be greatly increased, instead of purchasing a brand-new home at high cost that doesn’t allow you any room in your budget to add some of your personal touches to it. When remodeling a home, remember to go for classic elements that you’ll still enjoy in the years to come.


No matter where you live, no one wants their neighbors knowing their every move and living right on top of them. When purchasing a home, choose one with a secluded yard area, even if you’re in the city. Maybe you’d prefer lots of land so you have no close neighbors, or just a good hedge that can keep out prying eyes. Regardless of where you choose to have a home, find one that has some amount of outdoor space or is near a public park so you don’t feel cooped up in your home all of the time.

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Open Space/Natural Light

A home with lots of open space and natural light can make you feel more at ease and allow you to genuinely enjoy where you live. Natural light will increase your mood and add flattering lighting to a home, while open floor plans provide you with a chance to add lots of personal touches and will likely make the house seem larger than it really is. Open spaces also encourage more interaction among your family members and a sense of socialness.


Whether you prefer an urban or rural setting, it’s good to take into account your closeness to different places. How close is your home to your work? Can you walk or drive? Are there stores near you that you need? What about the closest cities? Being able to access a variety of entertainments, services, and stores, for such needs as groceries or emergency care, is incredibly important to take into consideration when looking for a home.

Photo of front door of house